Vegan Menus


Herb crackers with a beetroot dip
Falafels with a red pepper dip
Vegetable crisps with an organic smoked houmous dip
Spiced mixed nuts
Vegan sausage & tomato kebabs
Vegetable sticks with a citrus mayonnaise
Stuffed vine leaves
Vegetable crisps with a beetroot dip
Crispy tofu satay bites (H)
£2.00 each. We suggest 4 per person if served with a meal. 8 per person cocktail party


Tofu, mushrooms & chives with noodles
Spicy Lentil soup
Indian spiced tomato soup
Wild mushroom & kale quiche
Asparagus & pesto quiche
Mushroom pate & crushed pistachios with a mixed leaf salad
Sweet potato & coconut soup
Provencal mixed bean salad
Puy lentil & carrot pate with flat breads or rye bread
Mushroom bruschetta
£6.50 each. Minimum of 10 people


Sri Lankan curry – butternut squash, shallots, fresh ginger, peppers, coconut milk, lime and coriander
Saag paneer
Braised chilli with basmati rice and yogurt
Meaty Mushroom pie
Hearty herby casserole with herbs and wine
Greek inspired moussaka
Tagine of root vegetables with prunes
Imam bayildi—Turkish style aubergine with tomatoes and herbs
Vegan sausage cassoulet
Tofu, aubergine & tomato casserole
Casserole of root vegetables in a bolti sauce
Rosemary roasted vegetable medley
Shepherds’ pie
Thai tofu & vegetable curry
£15.50 a head. Minimum of 10 people


Chocolate & raspberry brownies
Mango, pineapple & passion fruit salad
Carrot cake with pineapple compote
Vegan cherry & almond brownies
Chocolate-cherry fudge torte
Tropical fruits in lime & chilli syrup
Banana & chocolate mousse
Salted apple crumble (warm)
£6.00 a head

Finger Foods

Assorted vegetable tacos
Quinoa & chia wraps with assorted fillings
Malted rye tortilla wraps with assorted fillings
Vegan sausage kebabs
Vegan cheese & red onion crisps
Antipasti skewers
Assorted sandwiches
Heritage cherry tomatoes & vegan cheese kebabs
Falafel with a hummus dip
5 items £8.50, 6 items £10.20, 7 items £11.90, 8 items £13.50


Salsa verde cous-cous
Middle eastern spiced chickpea salad
Bean watercress and tomato salad
Sweetcorn and lentils with chipotle dressing
Mixed leaves, diced cucumber, spring onions and celery
£2.00 a head


All prices exclude VAT

I was very pleased indeed.

Everything was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it and said what a nice idea.  Staff were very nice indeed.

I’m sure I will have to call upon you again. Plus  gave the name to several others.

Once again. Thank you

Joan 15 May 2023