Jeeves Catering Menus


Below you will see a list of all our standard menu options. Please click on any title to see the full menus. If you have any vegan or special dietary requirements, please do get in touch to dicuss how Jeeves Catering can help you.

For further details please don't hesitate to email or call Susan on 01778 349512.

Wedding Catering Calculator

When budgeting for food at a wedding there’s more than just the type of food itself to consider. You’ll need to take into account staff and hire costs as well. That’s why Jeeves has created an online budget calculator to help show you the type of packages available which best fit your budget.

Per Head Costs

I was very pleased indeed.

Everything was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it and said what a nice idea.  Staff were very nice indeed.

I’m sure I will have to call upon you again. Plus  gave the name to several others.

Once again. Thank you

Joan 15 May 2023