Children's Food


Beef burger in a bap
Chicken burger in a bap
Sticky chicken drumsticks
Sausage in rolls
2 items—£8.00 per child
3 items—£9.50 per child

Price includes potato and sweetcorn salad and tomato ketchup

Hot Main Course

Sausage & baked bean casserole
Chicken & bacon in tomato sauce
Chicken & sweetcorn in a cheese sauce
Tuna pasta bake
Fish fingers with oven chips

£10.00 per child


Malteser mousse
Strawberry fruit or Orange fruit jelly
Strawberry or Orange trifle
Banana whip
Mars bar cake (minimum 6)
Marshmallow & chocolate chip cake (minimum 6)

£4.50 per child

Picnic Bags

Picnic Bags

Mini scotch eggs
Cheese or Ham sandwiches
Sausage roll
Mini pork pie
Cheese dunkers
Box of raisins
Chocolate bar
Mini bag of sweets
Carton of apple or orange juice

Pick 7 items from above £10.95 per child
Minimum order of 6 picnic bags
Includes paper plate, napkin & disposable cutlery

I was very pleased indeed.

Everything was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it and said what a nice idea.  Staff were very nice indeed.

I’m sure I will have to call upon you again. Plus  gave the name to several others.

Once again. Thank you

Joan 15 May 2023