Smoked haddock chowder
Thai chicken and sweetcorn
Pea and ham
Borscht with horseradish cream (V)
Carrot and orange (V)
Stilton and celery (V)
Corn and red pepper chowder (V)
Courgette and brie (V)
Cream of mushroom (V)
Cream of spinach and nutmeg (V)
Curried parsnip and apple (V)
French onion with Parmesan croutons (V)
Leek and potato (V)
Slow roasted red pepper soup with swirls of sour cream (V)
Spicy butternut squash (V)
Sweet potato with coconut cream and chilli (V)
Tuscan bean (V)
Roasted plum tomato and basil (V)

Chilled Soups
Gazpacho (V)
Green pea, lettuce and mint (V)
Strawberry and black pepper (V)
Tomato and basil (V)
Vichyssoise (V)
Cream of watercress (V)

All soups served with rustic breads @ £5.50 per person
Meat and all fresh produce are locally sourced.
All prices exclude V.A.T.

I was very pleased indeed.

Everything was lovely. Everyone enjoyed it and said what a nice idea.  Staff were very nice indeed.

I’m sure I will have to call upon you again. Plus  gave the name to several others.

Once again. Thank you

Joan 15 May 2023